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Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

Learn About Sustainability and Homesteading!

Our farm interns work with us as a member of the homestead for as little as a month or as long as our full season in exchange the interns receive a place to stay, great food, and an education focused on their individual needs. We get bright minds and willing labor and they get an education at no cash cost to them. A great trade for both parties.

We get two main things out of hosting interns; labor, and knowing that the knowledge and experience we are providing are going to help the next generation of sustainable homesteaders be more successful. We are dedicated to making their stay as beneficial to their future as possible, and in turn we expect interns to be fully engaged in what is happening on the farm. The happiest interns we have hosted have combined a sincere desire to help our homestead be successful and a real interest in learning the skills we have to offer.

Work/Experience/Education opportunities we have available on the farm (seasonally dependent) include: Farming, Gardening, Orcharding, Animal Husbandry (chickens, ducks, goats, pigs, sheep), Home Making, Cooking, Butchering, Wild-crafting, Forestry, Forest Products, Marketing, Alternative and Conventional Construction. See our full syllabus below for more.

We are proud to participate in Washington State's Farm Internship Program where we are able to purchase Workman's Compensation insurance for our interns through the state department of labor and industries. Knowing that our interns are covered in case of an accident, just like an employee would be, provides great piece of mind for both us and them.

If you would like further details regarding our internship, please view our ATTRA internship listing below:

If being engaged in a diverse family homestead is what you are after, please contact us through the above ATTRA website, or via our Contact Us page.


"I can say with certainty that my experiences at Forest Farmstead are ones that I’ll never forget. They were consistently patient, thoughtful, and kind throughout my stay, ensuring that I was not only learning the ways of the farm but of sustainability in general. The work was challenging at times but always rewarding, with tons of delicious home cooked meals and plenty of wonderful company. I learned more than I ever imagined and had more fun than I could’ve ever hoped. Thoroughly dedicated to sustainable living and organic farming, I can think of no better hosts for my first WWOOFing stay than the Meyer Family."

Genevieve, Former Intern

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