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3rd Generation Family-Owned Business

Forest Farmstead was started in 1996 by Jim and Harlyn Meyer who by then had already been involved for 25 years in building the Organic Foods Movement, and now had a chance to buy land of their own to build a family farmstead.  They retired in 2015 and began transferring the farm to their son Terrance and his family. Forest Farmstead is bordered on one side by untouched wilderness and the mighty Skagit River on the other side.  Forest Farmstead is about humans and the forest working together in a sustainable and mutually beneficial way and is the only certified organic forest in Washington State.  By harvesting flavors instead of commodities we provide livelihoods, while also supporting all of the critical environmental and aesthetic functions of the forest.


​The Forest Farmstead is a modern, sustainable homestead done the old fashioned way, tucked in the North Cascades mountains temperate rain forest. We raise animals, have an orchard and market garden, and sustainably manage our forest land. We are looking to build our family homestead’s productivity, diversity, and ability to host others. Terrance is a renewable energy engineer with a background in agriculture, using his knowledge to pursue new organic and sustainable methods and share them with all who come to the farm.


All products on the farm are grown organically and as sustainably as possible. Our produce is grown to supply local restaurants with fresh, organic produce, as well as the local food bank to provide those in need with healthy food options.

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